White Water Wax
White Water Wax


  White Water Wax


WHITE WATER WAX CONCRETE CURING COMPOUND is a water based coating that utilizes a refined petroleum wax base to form a watertight membrane on concrete surfaces.
The addition of fine grind white pigments to the wax film protects the curing slab from excess heat-buildup due to sunlight.

This environmentally friendly VOC compliant compound is designed to provide maximum curing to freshly-laid exterior concrete paving applications, where high sunlight reflection is desired.
• VOC compliant with maximum 350 g/l content
• Will not clog or plug spray equipment
• White reflective surface keeps slab cooler
• Ready to use


• ASTM-C 309, Type II, Class A
• AASHTO M148, Type II, Class A

WHITE WATER WAX is suitable for use with a wide variety of concrete construction projects. It is also ideal for many sizes of exterior concrete slab work, as well as other flatwork applications.
• Roadways
• Airport runways
• Parking lots
• Curbs

• Membrane forming treatment enhances slab water retention
• Densifies and hardens concrete, reducing any crazing, cracking or checking
• Tensile and compressive strengths are improved over non-cured slabs
• Packaging stable with no hard settlement
• Highly reflective pigment protects concrete from sunlight

• 5 Gallon Pail
• 55 Gallon Drum
• 275 Gallon Tote

Coverage Rate
Approximate.............................................................................200 sq ft/gal

For newly placed concrete, apply WHITE WATER WAX when surface water has completely disappeared from the surface. It is also recommended that application not be attempted until workmen cannot mar the surface. Temperature must be above 40° F before application. WHITE WATER WAX may be applied with a standard hand held sprayer or power sprayer; a short napped roller is recommended for brush application. Avoid puddling during application and restrict foot traffic for at least 4 hours (12 hours preferable) after application. Additional coatings may be applied after surface has completely dried.



Drying Time
New Concrete: Four (4) hour minimum (12 hours preferred).

Water based, incompatible with solvent containing products.
Ready to use - DO NOT DILUTE.
For optimum results, light mixing is recommended (excessive agitation will cause foaming).
Spray evenly in a one coat application after the surface is free of all bleed water.
Use a spray rate of approximately 1/2 gallon per minute, not exceeding 45 PSI of pressure with any conventional piece of spray equipment.
Clean up is accomplished with warm soapy water.

Water based. Do not allow to freeze.
Use only when concrete temperature exceeds 40° F for 24 hours.
Refer to the Safety Data Sheet for additional health and safety information.

For conditions not specified, application procedures not noted, contact: Right Pointe, LLC (888) 755-5700.

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