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  Rightstop WB Regular
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RIGHT STOP WB REGULAR is a water based compound that utilizes a combination of siloxanes to seal concrete against moisture and deleterious salts. RIGHT STOP WB REGULAR is especially useful for protecting steel reinforcements within concrete slabwork from corrosion caused by water and chloride salts. The service life of reinforced concrete is significantly extended when the steel reinforcements are protected from corrosion.

This environmentally friendly VOC compliant compound is designed
to penetrate deep into concrete surfaces, sealing against moisture and preventing damage due to deicing salts.

• ASTM-E 514-90

RIGHT STOP WB REGULAR is suitable for any concrete, stucco, brick, or other type of masonry that requires protection from weathering and moisture damage.
• Steel reinforced concrete
• Concrete block
• Brick
• Precast concrete
• Masonry surfaces

• Seals concrete against moisture and deleterious salts
• Extends service life of reinforced concrete
• VOC compliant
• Reduces spalling and scaling

• 1 Gallon 6 Pack
• 5 Gallon Pail
• 55 Gallon Drum

Coverage Rates
Regular................................1 coat....................................100-200 sq ft/gal

The appropriate time of application on concrete, for the maximum penetration of the sealer, is after the final cure phase; most effectively after 28 days of curing. Before application of RIGHT STOP WB REGULAR, clean surface stains and clear the surface of debris. For the most effective use of the sealer, it is important to ensure that the surface of the concrete is completely dry; excess moisture will interfere with the penetration of the material.

Once the surface is clean and dry, spray one coating of RIGHT STOP WB REGULAR over the surface of the concrete; saturating the surface is recommended. RIGHT STOP WB REGULAR may be applied with a standard hand held sprayer with neoprene hose and gaskets; a short napped roller is recommended for brush application. If ponding occurs, smooth out the puddles with a broom or roller.

A second application of RIGHT STOP WB REGULAR may be necessary for especially porous concrete or masonry, and can be applied after 1-2 hours. Restrict foot traffic until surface is completely dry.


Water based, incompatible with solvent containing products.
Ready to use - DO NOT DILUTE.
For optimum results, light mixing is recommended (excessive agitation will cause foaming).
Ensure concrete surface is dry before application.
Smooth out puddles and ponded surfaces.
Clean up is accomplished with warm soapy water.

Do not contaminate with solvents.
Water based. Do not allow to freeze.
Use only when concrete temperature exceeds 40° F for 24 hours.


ASTM E514-90 Regular Heavy Duty
Reduction in water leakage    
Brick --------------- 100%
Block --------------– >92%
VOC 25 gms/liter 50 ms/liter

For conditions not specified, application procedures not noted, contact: Right Pointe, LLC (888) 755-5700.

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