Right Weld
Right Weld
Re-Emulsifiable Bonding Agent for Conrete


  Right Weld

RIGHT WELD is a water based polyvinyl acetate bonding agent designed for bonding concrete, plaster or stucco to existing surfaces. When fresh cement based materials are applied to a RIGHT WELD treated surface the RIGHT WELD rewets and develops a mechanical and chemical bond between the two surfaces.

• Bonding new concrete to existing surfaces
• Bonding plaster and stucco to existing brick, concrete and gypsum board

• Film remains re-wetable for 24 hours
• May be used interior or exterior
• May be applied to dry or damp surface
• Adds tremendous bond strength to the finished application
• Water based for safe use

• 1 Gallon 6 Pack
• 5 Gallon Pail
• 55 Gallon Drum

Coverage Rate
• 200 to 300 square feet per gallon

• Milky white, dries clear

• Minimum of one (1) year stored in dry protected storage
• Keep from freezing

Surfaces should be clean and free of Chemical Liquids or other contaminants, which may result in poor adhesion. New concrete must be 3 days old to secure a good mechanical bond.

DO NOT DILUTE RIGHT WELD. Stir thoroughly before use.

Apply with broom or brush. Allow RIGHT WELD to dry prior to the placement of material. Apply topping with in 24 hours. An additional application of RIGHT WELD may be applied if the 24-hour window has been missed.

Clean tools with water before the material hardens.

Do not use in swimming pools or cisterns.
Do not apply under 40 degrees or on frost filled surfaces.
Do apply RIGHT WELD to enhance the bond of new to existing surfaces.
Do allow RIGHT WELD to dry prior to applying a topping.




Right WELD meets the following specification:
ASTM C1059, Type I
Weight/Gallon           8.9lbs*
Mixed Viscosity         500-1000 cps

For conditions not specified, application procedures not noted,
contact: Right Pointe, LLC (888) 755-5700.

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