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Right Shield 40


  Right Shield 40


Right Shield 40 is a rolled, self-adhering, anti-skid roofing underlayment. Its unique construction makes it reliable and cost effective when protecting the critical areas of your roof. Eaves, valleys, ridges, skylights and dormers are protected from wind driven rain and ice buildup beneath the shingles. Right Shield 40 is composed of a polymer modified asphaltic membrane backed by a strong slip resistant membrane.

• Local building/Municipal codes

• Split Release
• Lightweight
• Watertight Laps
• Anti-Skid Coating
• Economical

ASTM D1970

36" wide X 65' long 40 lbs per roll
When supplied in No Box packaging, 42 rolls per pallet
When rolls are individually boxed, 30 rolls per pallet

Install Right Shield 40 onto a clean, dry & structurally sound deck. The deck may be composed of plywood, wood plank, metal, gypsum sheathing or concrete. Prior to application the deck surface must be free of dust, dirt loose nails, protrusions and voids. Right Shield is a self adhesive roofing underlayment that needs a structurally sound surface to adhere to.
Apply Right Shield 40 in fair weather when the air, roof deck and membrane are at temperatures of 40 °F and rising.
Consistent with good roofing practices always install the membrane so all laps shed water. Work from low to high. Side laps need to be a minimum of 3.5" and end laps a minimum of 6".
Repair any damages to membrane using a round patch cut from Right Shield 40 extending 6" from damaged area.
Apply membrane to entire deck for protection against wind-driven rain. When protecting strictly against water backup and ice dams extend beyond the highest point expected.


• May be slippery when wet or covered by frost.
• Do not leave permanently exposed to sunlight.
• Cover within 90 days.
• Do not install over old roof coverings.

For conditions not specified, application procedures not noted,
contact: Right Pointe Company (888) 755-5700.

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