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Right Proof
Hot Applied Waterproofing Membrane


  Right Proof


RIGHT PROOF is used to protect bridge decks, plazas, parking decks, tunnels, and foundations from water infiltration. This hot applied rubberized asphalt membrane significantly reduces the deteriorative effects of freeze thaw cycles and chloride intrusion. It is a component of our three part waterproofing system composed of a primer, waterproofing membrane and protection board. All components are manufactured in the United States by Right Pointe and available as a complete waterproofing system.

typical Properties
RIGHT PROOF is a solvent free one part hot applied thermoplastic material formulated with synthetic polymers and select asphalts. It is designed to be heated in a jacketed kettle and applied with a squeegee. RIGHT PROOF meets CGSB-37.50 and also conforms to the ratio of toughness to peak load requirements. It is available in 35 lb cartons.

Flash Point ASTM D 92 ≥ 260 °C
Cone Penetration,
25 °C
CAN/CGSB-37.50-M89 ≤ 110
Cone Penetration,
50 °C
CAN/CGSB-37.50-M89 ≤ 200
Flow CAN/CGSB-37.50-M89 ≤ 3 mm
Toughness CAN/CGSB-37.50-M89 ≥ 5.5 J
Ratio of Toughness
to Peak Load
CAN/CGSB-37.50-M89 ≥ 0.040
Water Vapor Permeance CAN/CGSB-37.50-M89 ≤ 1.7 Ng/Pa·s·m2
Water Absorption CAN/CGSB-37.50-M89 -0.18 – 0.35 g
Pinholing CAN/CGSB-37.50-M89 One hole max.
CAN/CGSB-37.50-M89 No cracking
Crack Bridging Capability CAN/CGSB-37.50-M89 No cracking, splitting, or
loss of adhesion
Heat Stability CAN/CGSB-37.50-M89 Shall meet penetration,
flow, low-temp. flexibility,
and viscosity
Viscosity CAN/CGSB-37.50-M89 2 to 15 s
Elongation ASTM D 512 1,000% minimum
Water Vapor Permeance ASTM E 96 1.7 ng/Pa.s.m² Max



Use an agitated oil-jacketed unit that has separate temperature gauges for both the sealant and the heat transfer fluid. Take the 35 lb plastic bag of sealant and load into the kettle one at a time. Melt only enough material for the day's activities. Once melted, additional material can be added as needed. Material can be safely reheated within the sealants service life.

The service life (pot-life) at application temperatures is approximately 12 hours. Adding fresh material to the melter as sealant is being used will extend the service life. Material that has been overheated can thicken and gel in the melter. Any material that has exceeded the service life should be removed from the melter and discarded.


For conditions not specified, application procedures not noted, contact: Right Pointe, LLC. (888) 755-5700.

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