Proflex Vinyl Expansion Joint
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Proflex® Vinyl Expansion Joint


  Proflex® Vinyl Expansion Joint

PROFLEX Vinyl Expansion Joint is manufactured from 100% recycled vinyl with fabric strand reinforcement that is obtained from the automotive and roofing industries.

PROFLEX is an extremely durable and flexible product that is easy to handle and will not rot or become brittle when exposed to the weather. Because of its flexibility, it will not break, split or crack when exposed to the elements. PROFLEX is UV stable, does not use adhesive binders in the manufacturing process, and can be stored outside.

1/2" PROFLEX meets the performance requirements:
• ASTM D 1752, Section 5, Sub-paragraphs 5.1 – 5.4
• AASHTO M-153-98

• ¼”
• ½”

Standard Lengths:
• 5'
• 10'

• 36"

Cut to Size:
•  3”       •  3.5”
•  4”       •  5”
•  6”       •  8”
•  12”     •  36”

PROFLEX is suitable for use with a wide variety of concrete construction projects. It is also ideal for many sizes of concrete slab work, as well as other flatwork applications. Because of its flexibility, PROFLEX can be used as a radius filler as well as a concrete form.
• Sidewalks
• Curbs
• Driveways
• Gutters
• Parking lots
• Swimming pools
• Sill plate in homes, garages, and industrial



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